PMC Antioxidant Technologies

Total Cellular Protection

Total Cellular Protection (TCP)

PMC’s Total Cell Protection (TCP) Technology provides for the most complete combination of dietary and endogenous antioxidants. TCP technology has removed potentially harmful ingredients that are contained in most commercially available supplements such as heavy metals, pro-oxidative trace elements, and the acidic form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid).  These excluded substances are potential neurotoxins; produce excess free radicals in the presence of vitamin C; and can cause stomach discomfort and diarrhea.

The Antioxidant Supplement Formulation

Ingredient Sensitive Dosing

Ingredient Sensitive Dosing (ISD)

PMC has the highest standards for exceptional quality in manufacturing, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and exact formulations for optimal health benefit. The Ingredient Sensitive Dosing (ISD) technology combines PMC’s pharmaceutical grade ingredients to create comprehensive all-day/night antioxidant support. PMC recommends taking antioxidant supplements twice a day. If you take your multiple vitamins in the morning, about half of them are removed from your body by evening, and another half by the next morning. This creates a large fluctuation of vitamin levels in the body that may not produce optimal beneficial effects. By taking PMC’s BioArmor and BioShield antioxidant supplements with ISD technology twice a day, you maintain relatively uniform levels of vitamins throughout the body.

How PMC Supplements Are Different