Randy Looper, President and CEO

Randy Looper, President and CEO

Randy Looper

Randy is a Senior Sales Executive with an exceptional performance record in sales, marketing and strategic planning. After 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry he accepted a position as Chief Development Officer to build the infrastructure to launch the commercial division of Premier Micronutrient Corporation. Recently, Randy was promoted as PMC’s Executive Vice-President and is now the President and CEO.

His impressive career with several Fortune 500 companies such as Monsanto/G.D.Searle, Upjohn/Pharmacia and most recently Pfizer Inc. has helped develop a broad expertise as a leader in the healthcare field. Randy has a strong understanding of the sales process having started off as a Sales Representative with G.D. Searle and quickly promoted to key positions such as National sales Trainer, District sales Manager, Regional Manager of Managed Care, National Director of Searle’s Female Healthcare Franchise, Director of Sales for Searle’s Midwest Geographic Business Unit to his most recent position in Cardiovascular Regional Sales with Pfizer. Randy has been actively involved in some of the most successful product launches in pharmaceutical history such as Ambien and Celebrex. He served in both a marketing and sales capacity for these multi billion dollar products. With Pharmacia Randy was hand picked by the President to build the Midwest Specialty Divisions in Urology, Neurology, Orthopedics and Rheumatology. In his career Randy has led divisions with over 270 personnel, 9 million dollars of operating budget and delivering over 500 million dollars of sales. His understanding of healthcare provides the experience needed to guide PMC into the consumer arena as global healthcare turns toward prevention and complementary care.

Since moving into his new role PMC has seen steady sales growth as he has built the framework to launch 4 consumer verticals that include over 18 different products. His most recent success includes signing several international contracts covering 5 countries. He is also in discussions that would add another 25 countries for PMC product distribution.

Randy was appointed the Executive Director to the board overseeing a cardiovascular prevention program appropriately named The Denver Bronco Alumni: Tackling Heart Disease and Stroke. Randy was responsible for coordinating the activities of over 20 companies such as Comcast, Pfizer and Siemens to help provide goods and services to support the Denver Bronco Alumni. This program provided cardiovascular screening to help in early detection and prevention. Over 150 Bronco Alumni participated in the program. The program started in Denver in 2003 and now has been adopted and fully funded by the NFL. Randy has traveled to several NFL cities over the past 2 years donating his time to help administrate the new program.