History of Micronutrient Research

In 1963, Dr. Kedar N. Prasad, a founder of PMC and a tenured professor and director of the Center for Vitamins and Cancer Research at the University of Colorado, began researching various types of cancers and the effects of radiation on human tissues. Over the next 25 years, Dr. Prasad continued his biological research at five major universities and research labs, studying the relationships between micronutrients, cancer, and radiation and focusing on the effects that micronutrients have on human cells and the manner in which they interact with mainstream medical therapies for many common diseases.

Through this research, Dr. Prasad uncovered significant relationships between the presence of certain micronutrients and various cancers. Dr. Prasad found that certain combinations of micronutrients when taken in conjunction with standard treatments, such as chemotherapy, enhanced and complimented the effects of these traditional therapies. The findings inspired Dr. Prasad to further his research to determine the effects that these micronutrient combinations might have on other diseases and on general human health.

In 1993, in the effort to expand this micronutrient research, Dr. Prasad began collaborating with two other founders of PMC, Dr. Gerald M. Haase and Dr. William C. Cole. Dr. Gerald Haase is Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine and has 25 years experience in oncologic research and clinical trials including collaborations in the design of new devices, applications for treatments of solid tumors, evaluation of technical surgical innovations and development of novel strategies for chemoprevention and nutritional oncology. Dr. William Cole was Associate Professor of Radiology in the School of Medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and supervisor of the Nuclear Pharmacy at the University Hospital. He holds academic credentials in Physiology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and has become a clinical expert in radiation biology and a laboratory scientist in antioxidant vitamin research.

Throughout the 1990s, PMC’s founders conducted and published extensive research on micronutrient supplementation as it related to human health. Beginning with the creation of the base formulation upon which all PMC custom formulations are built, the team has since created 21 different formulations.

What Premier Micronutrient Corporation is today


The overarching concept of PMC’s work is related to the impact of excessive free radical-related oxidative damage, inflammation and suppression of the immune system by a variety of environmental stressors and hazardous exposures. It is the cumulative effect of these factors that is at least partially implicated in the health problems suffered by high risk populations, those with chronic illnesses and those in specific occupations.

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