About Premier Micronutrient Corporation

Premier Micronutrient Corporation (PMC) was founded in 2000 to develop the backbone formulations in cooperation with the Department of Defense and NASA. In 2001, PMC began offering its formulations as products on a limited basis. In 2002, the Marine Corps Systems Command contracted PMC to adapt its formulations to protect high risk military personnel. As of 2012, PMC is entering its 8th year of congressional research funding for Department of Defense programs.

PMC has received Congressional support leading to eleven studies that have demonstrated the validity of PMC’s formulations in terms of decreasing oxidative damage, improving immune function, reducing inflammation, protection against neurologic symptoms and recovery from concussions, recovery from hearing and balance disorders, reversal of vascular disease and lipid abnormalities, and protection against hostile environmental factors such as radiation. The products have been shown to be completely safe in all studies and in more than 10 years of public consumption.

PMC Antioxidant Supplements

PMC Consumer Antioxidant Supplement Products

PMC Consumer Antioxidant Supplement Products

Consumer Product Line

PMC has produced over 14 product formulations, including those for optimal health based on age, gender and health status as well as those for specific adverse conditions, illnesses and high risk exposures. PMC owns seven strong product patents and six other patents are pending related to these formulations. The company also has filed or been issued more than 12 product line trademarks.

Around The World

PMC Offices, Manufacturing, and Distribution Locations

PMC Offices, Manufacturing, and Distribution Locations


Premier Micronutrient Corporation

Premier Micronutrient Corporation has three U.S. locations including the Antioxidant Research Institute in Novato, CA. This is where Dr. William Cole is located. Randy Looper, President and CEO and Dr. Gerald Haase work out of the Denver, CO office. The PMC Headquarters are located in Nashville. The PMC manufacturers, Garden State Nutritionals and Tischon, are located in New Jersey, NY. Currently PMC has three active international partnerships including Canada, Nigeria and South Africa.

Colorado Office Address

Premier Micronutrient Corporation
7350 East Progress Place
Suite 100
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

H.A.S.S. Group

Established in 1975, H.A.S.S. has grown to be the market leader in world class communication systems and hearing healthcare throughout Southern Africa. In the arena of hearing healthcare, H.A.S.S. has pioneered the use of diagnostics and protective systems to ensure the quality of life of people across the continent is significantly improved. Their cutting edge services represent a policy of continued innovation reflected in the constant re-education and training of their dedicated teams. H.A.S.S. truly sets the standard that others follow. The H.A.S.S. Group’s target audience is direct sales to consumers through their private independent audiologist partner network. H.A.S.S. Group is utilizing medical radio talk shows relating to tinnitus and balances disorders, wellness days at companies, health exhibitions and doctor awareness campaigns to reach consumers. Currently they are building a new website that will focus solely in Hearing Health. The H.A.S.S. Group has seen a 50% success rate with their patients including a 102-year-old loyal consumer.

Expert Hearing Solutions

With over 27 clinics from Vancouver, BC to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Expert Hearing Solutions uses the finest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment available to identify hearing loss, assess the degree of hearing impairment and pinpoint its site along the auditory pathway. Their clinicians are capable of evaluating everyone’s hearing, from newborns to the elderly, from those who are multi-handicapped to those in extended care facilities. Expert Hearing Solutions has an active independent site focused on Hearing Health, Hearing Health Supplement Canada, in addition to using a monthly radio talk show “Talk to the Expert” and regular attendance at health fairs for consumer outreach. A portion of their clinics are located in shopping malls which receive constant foot traffic. Expert Hearing Solutions has seen positive success with low frequency tinnitus while high frequency tinnitus also shows a moderate success of 50% in patients.

PMC Nigeria, Ltd.

Doctors Irene Okeke and Eric Migbokwe are the driving forces behind PMC Nigeria, Ltd and are laying the foundation for a successful product launch by diligently building the infrastructure and sales channels throughout Nigeria. During the 3rd quarter of this year, PMC will host two of PMC’s Nigeria, Ltd marketing partners for scientific training here in the United States. In addition, PMC Nigeria has already places a considerable first order that will be shipped for their product launch later this year.

The PMC Scientists

The PMC Antioxidant Research Institute is located in Novato, California and was established as the basic and clinical research arm of Premier Micronutrient Corporation in 2005.  It is a full service analytical laboratory that provides the foundation for all of the ongoing studies with the Department of Defense, NASA, and the VA.  The laboratory is under the direction of Dr. William C. Cole, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer.  Dr. Gerald M. Haase, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer is the third management member of the PMC scientific team and is responsible for the clinical aspects of the research.  Dr. Haase is also primarily responsible for the development of the government programs of PMC.

Dr. William C. Cole, Ph.D. – PMC Founder & Chief Research Officer
Dr. Gerald M. Haase, M.D. – PMC Founder & Chief Medical Officer

PMC scientists are internationally-known, and were NIH-funded for basic investigations and clinical trials for mare than 25 years. Dr. Cole is well respected in antioxidant science, laboratory research and radiation biology, and Dr. Haase has international medical experience with extensive travel and lecturing in Europe, Africa and Asia (Japan, Korea, China).